Monday 19 March 2012

Maven Shortcuts

Maven is cool, but repeatably typing the long maven commands is little bit boring and waste of time. one simple solution is to create set of batch files for the repeatably used commands.

Most of us use our own set of batch files, I thought of organizing them in single place (atleast for me whenever I move to new project I don't need to create my own batch files again and again). I have created a project in github for this purpose and have included very minimum number of very frequently used commands.

The project located at

you can download that and place it your classpath to save your time with maven commands.

Purposefully I have kept the number of commands as minimum, please send me your frequently used commands by raising a issue at or by adding a comment here, I would like to grow the collection in this way on need basis, so that it will have only the most wanted comments.

Below are the shortcuts and their actual maven command

mvnc - mvn clean
mvni - mvn install

mvnci - mvn clean install
mvnciwt - mvn clean install with out tests
mvnt - mvn test
mvnt %1 - mvn test on single test file (eg : mvnt MyTest)
mvnee - mvn eclipse:eclipse

For Windows, copy all the batch files in to a folder and add the folder in classpath
For linux/unix, you can copy the sh files into bin folder and give executable permission using commands in

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  1. Nice shortcuts! I think I'm just going to add aliases to my ~/.bash_profile (would be ~/.bashrc in linux) file; Using git bash the .sh files are executables and .bash_profile works too